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Me and The Joshua Tree

Often times I feel compelled to post about a subject that has already been covered by the OC. But sometimes when you have your own personal experience, your story may touch someone differently or click with someone else.

Here is my story.

If you read this blog then you know that I have not known any Type 1’s in my life until recently (that included the OC). The two I have met are both children and are newly diagnosed. The connection I have with them is mostly with their parents as a guide or a sounding board for their concerns. All and all I feel as though I am helping my fellow D-lifers but how sweet would it be to meet like a 20-30 something Type 1? I know many online but none I can “hang out” or go out to dinner with. That would be cool.

Then I hear that a business associate that I talk too all the time is a Type 1! A salesperson came into my office, asked about Master P and after I told them that I am a type 1 they said, “Oh you have Juvenile Die a beat us, so does Karen!”

Woah! I talk to Karen all the time and she is so freaking cool. We have met several times and I know she is getting married. Wow, another 30 something couple that we could get to know! That would be cool. I wonder when she was diagnosed. Does she use a pump and if so, which one? What kind of Glucose Tabs does she use? What’s her A1C? Does she have diabetic shoes? What does her fiancé know about the D? Will she wear the “BE FRI” side of the little half heart necklace or the “ST ENDS?”

I was out of control (or “double O C” which is about as long to type but more fun to say!)

The next day I had a reason to call. I needed to check on a sample order I had emailed her about so I gave her a call.

“Hey Karen, what is happening?”

“Not much dude, how are you?” she replied.

“Good as always. So, Rick was in here the other day and was asking me about my Insulin Pump and he told me that you were a Type 1 too. I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, I was diagnosed when I was a kid. How old were you when you were diagnosed?”

We chatted for a long time. We shared diagnosis stories. How our significant others deal with it. How much insurance sucks. I even got a plug in about the OC. It was going really well.

“So do you or have you ever gone to a support group or anything like that? I am trying to find one but I can only find Type 2 groups and I feel like I need to hear from other Type 1’s.”

“Nah, that is nothing I am really interested in. I mean, we all know what to do and how to take care of ourselves. Why would I sit around and cry about it with a bunch of other people that ignore what they already know just to have a massive cry fest? That is so pointless. We know what to do so we should just do it, ya know?”

I was not sure how to respond. I was honestly shocked. Was she trying to be helpful? It seemed so cold and honestly made me feel like a completely idiot.

One thing I did figure out is that this is not the kind of person that I could connect with. Not that she is wrong or a bad person or anything like that. I just knew that we could not be friends. I am too connected to emotions and how they effect people to be

“I guess that’s true but man is it hard.” I replied in an unsure voice. “So I need to get a tracking number on that Sample request I sent you the other day.”

I got the info and I never spoke about diabetes again with her.

I respect the fact that some people are open about their diabetes and some are not. I understand that we all deal with things differently and I respect that too. It felt like she did not respect anyone who struggles. She did not understand how anyone could stumble. She could not comprehend why I would need support.

Did I find Wonder Woman?

Well, one thing is for sure...

"I still haven’t found what I’m looking for."

get it?


You Tube Tuesday #7

This week’s entry comes from the City of Carson, California (A suburb of Los Angeles). This incident occurred at a city council meeting and the woman who was “attacked” claimed that she was “struck in the eye!”

What do you think?

I do not think the “attacker” should have done what she did BUT the reaction of the “victim” is the worst acting I have seen in a while!



Say "Hello" to my not so little friends.

These are my brand spanking new Diabetic Shoes.

They are big, black, and boring.

I will admit, they are extremely comfortable but I am not sure what makes them “diabetic shoes.” There is no BG machine built in or even a spot to carry glucose tabs.

They should make them like a medical ID bracelet so the sole of your shoe would have all the info on your health.

My insurance will pay for 4 inserts per year so I have to go back every three months to get a referral. I am actually pretty happy with them. It was perfect timing too because my old work shoes were looking really bad. It is also extremely difficult to find shoes in my size. Most stores only carry up to a 13 and I wear a 14!

It saves money on ski rentals. LOL

Anyhow, my piggies and I will enjoy cruising in comfort.


Results of My Meterless day

It is 4:55 PM.

I am home.

I have Tested.


Wow. I am shocked.

Thanks for all of you ideas. I did not have ANY money so I had to just hold out but I am very pleased.

Now to take all those extra meters and plant them everywhere so this won't happen again!



That’s right friend it is not “good.”

I left my BG Ma Sheen at home this morning.

I know right where I left it to. On top of my dresser next to an extra One Touch Ultra.

I hate that feeling when you look into your “very masculine” tote bag and notice that something is missing. I have an extra machine in my car BUT no more strips so that is a dead end.

When I checked this morning upon awakening I was at 87. So it should be interesting to see how well I do.

Any advice from the OC will be read, considered, and seriously appreciated. I am on the verge of freaking out and driving home to get my machine. The problem there is it is a 45 minute drive each way.

I would love some ideas on this!

P.S. I will test as soon as I get home and post the results.