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The Monday Mystery

Monday was spent in the Emergency Room of a local hospital. I woke up that morning with a very strange feeling in my head that my blood sugar provided no clue to at a welcoming 114. What could it be? I drove (probably should not have) to work and continued to feel strange. When my coworkers noticed that something was wrong they insisted that one of them take me to the hospital.

I was not too excited about the office freaking out over my symptoms but it did get me really concerned about what was wrong. You see, I felt (and still do) extremely dizzy and foggy. It is as if I am falling backwards all the time or that my head put on 20 pounds and my neck cannot handle it. I also have this very weird delayed reaction when I turn my head too fast. It takes a while for my focus to catch up. I started to really freak out.

The ER found nothing. I laid there for several hours waiting for blood tests to come back but nothing came up. They told me to see my doctor because they could not figure it out.

Great, I am a freaking mystery.

So yesterday I stayed home from work and went to see Dr. F-Bomb. Instead of busting out any profanities he said, “It sounds to me like you have an inner ear viral thing. I’ll give you something that will clear that up in a few days.”

He scribbled out a prescription, handed it to me, and said goodbye.

Here I am at work, still dizzy, still a little worried, but with a new pill to add to the collection that I am hoping will clear this crap up.

Wish me luck!


You Tube Tuesday #13

I will post later today about what is going on in my life but for now check out this amazing video that someone uploaded on my birthday. And thanks to all for the birthday wishes. very cool.


The Perfect Awakening

This morning my daughter woke me up with these words.

"Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday dear Pop Pop. I Love you so much!"

It didn't rhyme.

I didn't care.

It was perfect.


Diabetes Power Show and dLife

As many of you may know, I found the OC by listening to a very beloved (and greatly missed) Podcast called Diabetic Feed. I am still hopeful that one day it may return.

As I was checking out Podcasts on iTunes and I found “Diabetes Power Show.” I subscribed immediately since it looked to be right up my alley. The show consists of 3 hosts who discuss different D related subjects and interviews as well as news and info about diabetes so I was really excited about checking it out.

Well, yesterday on the drive home I decided to have a listen and guess who they were interviewing...

Give up? Click here!

And guess who is coming up on the next episode?

Give up again? Click here!

Wow! I love it. It is great not only to read about these people but to hear them interviewed is awesome too!

Speaking about OCer’s in media did anyone see last weeks dLife with Kerri on it? The Simmons Family did the wave when her segment came up. That was very cool.

And speaking of dLife, you should really make sure you watch Sundays show. It looks like its gonna be another great one!

The Story of a Pioneer
dLifeTV reports on the life of Elliott Joslin

One of the leading diabetes centers in the world was started by a man
whose ideas were years ahead of their time.

Watch dLife this Sunday
7:00pm ET, 6:00pm CT, 4:00pm PT

Be inspired this Sunday, watch dLife


You Tube Tuesday #12

It is 12:08 AM. It is offically Tuesday. I didn't want those on the East Coast to not have something to watch before I was able to get this post up.

I have not posted much lately. Been in a foul mood and I didn't want to bum anyone out so I will post when the sun is shining a little brighter.

I am hooked on cute freaking dogs and cats it seems. It's hard because I look at several videos and these are always my fav's. Anyhow enjoy!