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Everything Happens for a Reason

On my last post I wrote about how I was bummed that I could not make it out to see my sister this weekend.

But there was a very good reason why.
The African Children's Choir came to our church this morning and led worship.


Now, I know not all of you are church goers which is fine. I will not get all Gospel on you so don't run away. This post is for everyone in need of a little hope.

Today, St. Andrew Lutheran Church was blessed to have 26 children from Uganda come and lead them in worship. Their songs and stories were so touching and moving that I actually came back for the second service just to see them again.

The 14 girls and 12 boys came dancing into the sanctuary to the sound of booming tribal drums, being played by 3 of the boys, and singing at the top of their lungs. Instantly a wave of excitement rushed over everyone in church.

Their brightly colored outfits were only outshone by their enthusiastic smiles. Each one with a different story, a unique path, their own hopes and dreams. It was incredible.

After energizing uplifting versions of songs we sing in church and soft, touching slower songs that were new to me, a video was shown about the group. I thought I was done crying but I was wrong.

On the screen were images of Uganda in times of war and famine. The war may be over but the famine and poverty remain. The video was narrated by a woman who was in the very first ACC and she is now a journalist.

She told stories of other children who are now doctors, lawyers, and engineers in their home country. It was awesome to see how the money they have raised has made a difference. How these kids that may not have had a chance, now have a future.

The other thing about it is that they want to help their country. They do not take their new knowledge and go elsewhere. They come back to their towns and villages and help their own people. It is a very beautiful journey.

These little kids singing have auditioned and been accepted to go on this mission. They are ambassadors for their country. Representatives of all the other kids that did not make the choir but are in need of an education just the same. They travel the world singing and spreading their message of hope.

Raising awarness. Raising funds. Raising spirits!


Momma Mia!

In November my older (not oldest) sister and her family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am extremely close with all 3 of my sisters and it has been difficult for all of us to adjust to the move but we are very happy for them. I know that they are just a phone call away BUT I miss being able to go out to dinner with them or see my nieces. It has been especially hard on my daughter because she looks to her cousin as her little “sister” and was very sad when they left.

Well, the plan for me, my little sister, and her husband was to drive out to

New Mexico tonight and see them. I was able to get tomorrow off of work
and since the African Children’s Choir (who are awesome by the way) are leading church on Sunday it was a perfect weekend to go EXCEPT that mother nature had another plan. There are extreme weather alerts issued for basically our entire route to NM. Lovely.

I really upset because I miss my sister and my nieces something fierce and was looking forward to seeing her new home and Albuquerque but oh well.

Since I am a Native of Southern California, my experience with driving through snow is nonexistent. I know some of you are used to the snow but I am not. Although, it was snowing at the beach yesterday so maybe I should head over to Malibu and get some lessons in. I don’t know about global warming BUT the weather is definitely Bizarro!

So I am now planning on staying home and spoiling my daughter rotten. My son is going to a Confirmation retreat this weekend so Gillian is going to get all of our attention. I promise if she decides to give me a makeover, I will post pictures. No matter how embarrassing.


You Tube Tuesday #3

As a Diabetic, I know the vital importance of good medical care. Let's hope these two found Moe and changed careers immediately following this embarrassing moment. Also, I feel bad for the patient! Check it out.


525,600 Minutes

It was 365 days ago that I decided to begin blogging. It all started as a place for family and friends to see my progress as I tried to make some changes in my life. Get more exercise. Try to be a little more in control of my diabetes. Lose some weight.

And then it happened.

I got a comment from some dude named Scott!

I remember thinking, "That is crazy. Why would anyone who didn't know me comment on my blog or even want to read it?"

So then I clicked on his name and read his post. Then I clicked on a few of the blogs linked on his blog. And then it all made sense to me. I understood why.


That is what this year of blogging has taught me. That community is so important to handle difficult tasks in life. A group of people lifting each other up and cheering one another on is vital in this journey. It is hard to imagine where I would be had I not started blogging and reading and meeting (virtually) all of you.

Many people do not understand blogging. They think it is a self glorifying, conceited thing but they are missing the point entirely. If they just opened themselves up and let loose all of the frustrations and anxieties they have then they may find that they are not alone. They may find a community that understands their situation.

That is what happened to me and it has been wonderful! Not in a "misery loves company" sort of way but more of a "I understand completely" way that people without diabetes (or without diabetes in their lives) cannot get.

I truly believe that the OC saved my life. All of your kind words and ideas gave me tools to take better care of myself. Both mental and physical. I wish I could fly all around the world and meet each and every one of you. Hopefully this lottery ticket on my desk will allow me to do just that!

All of you mean so much to me. I hope I can cheer you along and be there for you in your journey.

I know I am not the most eloquent writer. Definitely not the most informative. Probably the silliest, though. So thank you for reading this slice of my life and hopefully sticking with me for another 525,600 minutes.

The B.A.D. Guy
aka Super George


Here comes the sun

My posts have been pretty depressing these days and I apologize for that. I have not been posting as much because I would hate to disappoint my readers with drab, “poor me” crap that I do not even want to admit.

Last year this time I was ready to take on Diabetes, Weight Loss, and whatever other hurdlers I was running up to. I just feel so defeated right now. I am fighting a cold so my BG sucks, my ability to exercise has been difficult since I cannot breathe. Not the way to start the OC New Me Challenge but I will get in gear.

The OC New Me is going to be my saving grace. I need motivation. I need encouragement. Thanks Allison.

I cannot look at the dorky picture of myself and not feel like I have lost a connection somewhere. It is truly a strange feeling. I don’t think it will last. Hope, I should say, I hope it will not last.

You know what, I need to just change. I need to count my blessings, look back at all I accomplished, remember that the toughest hurdles have been passed with ease and now it is time to kick some major ass.

I am done with it. No more sorrow. I do not have time for this shit.

It may be a little forced at first but eventually it will be totally genuine.

Here comes the sun!