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Buh Bye

I am going to be gone for a few days and when I get back I will be full of posts and stories to share with all y'all.

Maybe even a joke or three!

I Hope everyone has a great weekend.



You Tube Tuesday #9

I have not posted in a while and I promise to explain why next week. I am a busy bee! But there was no way I could neglect a You Tube Tuesday.

This week’s video is another Cat video. But this is so cute, I just had to share it with you all. Please let me know what you think.

Also, I would love to know how many people stop by for YTT. So please, come out of the shadows and let me know you are watching!


Diabetes Joke Challenge - Part 2

I am glad that you guys like the jokes so far. I wrote a Limerick also but I did not post it becuase, well, I didn't know if it was funny or if it really fell into the joke catagory.

I sent it to my humor consultant (Scott) and He said,

"Dude!!! That limerick is AWESOME!!! You HAVE to post it!!"

So here it goes.

There once was a blog called "BAD"
that varied from happy to sad
the writer would waste time, discussing his waist line
while eating all the donuts he had.


Diabetes Joke Challenge

Our very own Lori Rode posted yesterday challenging us OCer's to come up with some Diabetes humor.

I actually wrote these last night so they may be funnier somewhere around midnight. I tried to come up with more but for now, this is all I have. Enjoy.

Joke #1
A Diabetic walks into a bakery as asks the guy behind the counter, “Whaddya got that is safe for diabetics?”

The Baker says, “Everything. As long as you don’t put it in your mouth.”

Joke #2
As the salesman was just about to close the shop two very excited diabetics (George and Scott) came running in the door!

“Wow, is that sign for real?” asks Scott.

“Which sign?” Asks the salesman

“Hello? The one on the front of your window!” replies George.

“Well of course” said the salesman.

“WE’LL TAKE TWO PLEASE! One for each of us!!!” they shout in unison.

“What do you want?” inquired the salesman.

“A Function Pancreas!” exclaims Scott.

“But this is a music store!!!” Says the salesman.

A look of confusion falls upon everyone’s face.

George sheepishly replies, “But the sign says ‘Organ’s for sale.’”

Riddle #1
Q - How many diabetics does it take to change a light bulb?

A - None. They will just use the light from their pumps.

Riddle #2
Q - Do you know what PWD’s and Hippie's have in common?

A - Neither one should drive if they are feeling “high.”


You Tube Tuesday #8

This week’s video is a serious one. One I had never seen before but makes so much sense. I feel like this when I see a bad BG reading on my machine. Let me know what you think?