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A Wellsville Poem

Northern Utah and my CGM seemed one in the same last night,

From the hitting of hay at 10PM to the tiny crack of morning light,

No sleep did I get, not a wink or a nod, with my Dexcom beeping and blipping,

With a word at my peak and a word in the valley, I could feel my sanity slipping.

Those Wellsville Mountains on my Dexcom screen are a definite A1C inflater, 

With angles so steep, like consummate V's on the back of a Burninator.

The coaster I rode, thrice as HIGH twice as Low was not all that is causing this scoff.

No, the fact that through all of this redonkulous crap my freaking Dex sensor fell off!


Geared Up

It was back in 2012 when I did my very first Tour de Cure bike ride. A combo of very awesome people inspired me to go for it. I rode 32 miles and it was not pretty. I finished but not the way I had hoped.

There was the fact that my blood sugar was over 300 during the entire ride and also the fact that a few months later I discovered I had an artery 80% blocked and needed two stents. I was not at my best.

The thing is, I am still here and I am not going to let diabetes and heart disease ruin my memory of riding in the Tour de Cure. I want to finish strong and feel great when I cross that finish line. 

So I signed up to ride the 32 mile ride next year and I would love it if you would consider joining me or if not donating to my fundraising efforts. I set a goal for myself of $1000 and a team goal of $2000. Team Ninjabetic is going to ride again!

I have already been riding my bike every day and exercising to lose some weight. Sure I have a long way to go but I am super motivated and very excited about owning this ride this time! 


Soul Brother

This month went by rather quickly. I did not get to post every single day as I had hoped I could. Unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes. There are many many people I can write about and honestly, it was difficult not being able to write about everyone I think everyone should be aware of. 

There are so many in the community that have touched me and been there for me. All of them mean the world to me and I love them all like family. There is one person who I must mention because we share a bond like no other. Of course that person is Scott Johnson.

Scott, like so many, was the first person to ever comment on my blog. I could not believe anyone would read what a loser PWD like me was writing but Scott did. We quickly hit it off and before long he was staying in my house meeting my family and hanging out for a weekend. I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend at his home and met his family. 

One of our close friends called us Soul Brothers and to be honest that is what it feels like. We didn't know each other for very long and yet it felt like we grew up together. It's weird and awesome all at the same time.

Besides diabetes, we have lots in common. We both married our high school sweethearts. We both have two kids, 1 boy and 1 girl. We also share a love of rap music, diet sodapop, clicky keyboards, Pulp Fiction, grilled cheese sandwiches, and video games to name a few. I am at home when Scott is around and have been from the very first second we met.

If you read Scott's blog than you know him. He is honest and himself always. Scott is every bit as nice and friendly as you think he is. The way he comes across on his blog and online is how he is. So accepting and encouraging of everyone and everything everyone is doing! There is no bigger cheerleader in the DOC in a non pom pom way of course.

Scott is someone I look up to both figuratively and literally. He always finds the silver lining and holds on to it with a hope like no other. His faith that everything is going to work out in the end has been proven time after time. It is one of the reasons I love him so much. He keeps me fighting for myself and my health. Like a coach who motivates and is always there for his team.

I talk about how much the DOC means to me and how I don't know how I could live without it which is true. Scott is my rock, my brother, my best friend, my family, and inspiration. He has saved my life countless times and has inspired me to do things I never ever thought I could.

I am a better person because of Scott Johnson. 

Share your love for Scott in the comments.

And thank you all for reading my posts this month. If you were not mentioned please know that every time I talk about how important the DOC is to me, I am talking about you too. I mean that wholeheartedly. I thought about so many of you on Thanksgiving. So much so that I wished the month would be longer so I could keep writing. Who knows, maybe I will write some more "Awareness" posts soon. 



Blogging about your life with diabetes can be very revealing. Sharing your numbers, about doctor’s visits, frustrations, and fears helps us all be there for one another. Not everyone shares everything of course but some seem to open up about it all. One person who does this like no other is Kelly Kunik.

Kelly has a special place in my heart because she is there for me whenever I need her, even when I haven’t reached out for help. She has a sixth sense about her friends and she loves them unconditionally and completely.

She has seen diabetes in her life like no one else I know. Many family members have had it and some have lost their lives because of it. It would make being an advocate really difficult for me but not for Kelly. Her strength is something I admire and am so very thankful for.

When someone in media says something untrue or misleading about diabetes Kelly is on the case. She is not afraid to call whoever she has to and get a wrong corrected. That takes guts and passion, two things Kelly has plenty of.

As strong as she is she is not afraid to reach out when she needs us. In her weakest moments she is strong because she knows where to find strength and how to tap into it. A skill most people do not recognize or understand.

I talk about her passion when it comes to diabetes but she is just as passionate about many other areas of her life. Her family is such a big part of who she is and what she lives for. To hear her talk about her niece and how proud she is so sweet and loving. And to hear about her mother and the pain she felt when she passed still brings me to tears. Strength, passion, and caring are three words to describe Kelly.

I should also throw in that she is damn funny too. Be prepared to laugh when Kelly is around.

These posts about awareness have been really great for me because they remind me about these amazing people and who they really are. Not just a blogger. Not just a diabetic. It’s why I love No D Day. Diabetes is not everything. Kelly is not diabetes.

Kelly is unique, kind, loving, passionate, funny, witty, brave, caring, and most importantly my friend.

Share your Kelly love below in the comments.  


The Motivator

My motivation for writing about diabetes and sharing my life on this blog is to help anyone who may read this not feel alone. I felt all alone with my type 1 diabetes for a very long time. That isolation made it easy to ignore it and allow it to do damage to my body. I never talked to anyone about it or learned much about it either. I felt alone.

No one with diabetes should ever feel alone and one person who started a project that sends that message and so much more is Kim Vlasnik.

The You Can Do This project calls on people with diabetes to share their stories on camera and share a message of encouragement to the newly diagnosed and/or those struggling with diabetes. The project wants us to be real and candid. Never sugar coating the truths about diabetes and the struggle it is to live day to day with it. Letting others know that although it is hard, they can do this and they are never alone.

If that is not an indicator to how awesome Kim is then the name of her blog, Texting My Pancreas, has got to be. She is creative, funny, caring, smart, and did I mention funny?

Hanging out with Kim is like being with an old friend. I know I say that often about people within the DOC but it is totally true. I love being around Kim because I feel so myself and comfortable. She has a way of radiating that spirit of acceptance around her so when you are near it you feel it. It’s that kindness and acceptance that is the driving force behind the You Can Do This project.

When I think about Kim I think of laughing. Lots and lots of laughing. I never remember why we laugh but who cares. Her zest for life and love of community makes knowing her a joy.

She inspires me like no other. Starting a project like this and making it actually happen is a big deal. Fear can be so crippling if it is allowed. Kim rises above that and does what she sets out to do with a humble nature and a gentle spirit. She is truly one of the most amazing people I know.

Share your Kim love in the comments.