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Hope Matters

Hate. I hate diabetes. I hate all the shots, the complications, the frustrations. The feeling like you are falling down a bottomless pit with no end in sight. No cure in sight. Nothing but years and years ahead with 24/7 management that never seems to get any easier. It is all so very easy to hate.

But although there may not be a cure for this disease there is a cure for the hate. A cure for the anger and frustration. A cure for that feeling like nothing is going to get better.


Hope is a little thing that makes a big difference. With a little bit of hope you can look for a brighter tomorrow and a lighter load. Hope can encourage you to try again and to stick with it! Hope can motivate, comfort, and completely transform your mood.

What do I hope for? I hope that tomorrow my blood sugars will be right where I want them. I hope that my friends who live with diabetes will have A1C’s where they want and complication free lives. I hope those who care for people with diabetes find support and comfort in their own frustrations. I hope that those of us who do have diabetes and complications from it find help and whatever they need to feel whole again.

I hope for wholeness for all PWD’s.

On May 20th at 12PM EST I will be participating in the 2nd annual Diabetes Hope Conference. I will be on one of the three panels discussing complications from diabetes and hope. The conference is completely free and is all online. Last year was really great and I am very thankful I was asked to be involved again. This year I am on a panel about the doctor/patient relationship which is something I have a lot to say about.

The complications I live with got the best of me for a long time. That feeling of hate was overwhelming and would spill into every aspect of my life. When I found some hope and some help things got better and I refuse to let diabetes or its complications complicate or ruin my life.

I hope you check out the site and RSVP for the conference. I truly think it is extremely helpful to be hopeful and together we can talk about the things that bring us down so maybe we can eliminate all the hate and anger we feel.

None of us should every feel alone or hopeless.

I hope no one ever does. 


Three Words

“Go Red Rider!”

Every time I heard those three words I would feel a lump in my throat and a boost of power in my body.

Yesterday I rode in my 2nd ADA Tour de Cure bike ride.

The weather was perfect and the setting was beautiful. Out by the beach the entire time with the sun shining down through a cool breeze that made the ride fantastic.

And those words, those three words made me feel proud of my little accomplishment. It made me feel good each time I could ride next to a Red Rider and say those words to them.

Thank you to everyone who donated and encouraged me to do this. And thank you Team Ninjabetic for supporting me and riding with me!

The plan is to continue riding so next year we can take a longer route, raise more money, and have an even bigger team!

Thanks again for all of your support! I could not have done it without all of you encouraging me and believing in me. And I definitely could not have done it without those words…




Seriously? I don't even know what to say except thank you so much for your support.

For those of you who helped me to reach my goal I want to thank you for lifting my spirits when I was feeling pretty down at the beginning of the week. Thank you so much for that.

And for those of you who donated to my ride back when I first announced it, I apologize for not doing what I set out to do, what I told you was going to do. I hope you can forgive me. I promise to be more realistic in the future so I don't let anyone down.

For those of you would like to donate to my ride, there is still time! Click on the link below.

I cannot wait to ride and represent Team Ninjabetic once again! 

Much love to you all!



Diabetes Court - Ninjabetic TV

My good friend Brad and I made a new short for Ninjabetic TV called "Diabetes Court." Imagine taking your pancreas to court and suing it for pain and suffering. Well that is exactly what Brad does and I wonder what Brad's pancreas has to say for itself?

I hope you like it! It was a ton of fun making it.

Check out other episodes of Ninjabetic TV by visiting NinjabeticTV.com



Help Needed!

I really wanted to do it. There was nothing that was going to stop me, nothing to stand in my way. And I can’t do it. I know I can’t.

The Tour de Cure is this coming Sunday and with life being crazy and my motivation non-existent I am not prepared to do the 32 mile ride I signed up for.

Like I said yesterday it makes me feel like a failure. But a comment from Karen made a lot of sense to me. If I only do the 8 mile ride, that will be 8 more miles I will ride than if I didn’t do it at all. And that is a distance I know I can do although still going to be hard in my state.

Maybe it would be better to take a little slower? Maybe not trying to push myself too hard in a hurry is a good idea? Maybe not hurting myself should be part of the plan? Now I sound like an idiot for feeling the way I did!

Still, there is a level of embarrassment for me. Physically I look like I should not even get on a bike but deep inside this bulky skin suit is someone with the desire to be active. I know it. I can feel it.

So now I have 5 days to hit my donation goal or I don’t get to ride. I had a goal of $2000 I wanted to reach but now, I have to reach $200 or I cannot ride. A whole zero has been removed. Yikes!

So if you are willing and able, would you please consider donating to my ride? Team Ninjabetic will be there riding to raise awareness and raising money towards a cure.

Please pass this on too if you know someone else who be willing to help a ninja out.

Thanks and GO RED RIDER!