Foods to Avoid if You Are Diabetic


Whether you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or someone who has suffered for a long time watching what you eat is vital. Having a problem due to sugar levels being out of whack is a very serious issue and could leave you in real danger. If you have a relative or friend with diabetes, it can really help to understand what foods they should avoid, especially if you will be eating together or preparing a meal for them. Most patients are aware of their own limitations but here are some foods that really should be shunned as they can play havoc with blood sugar.

Fancy Coffee

While there is nothing wrong with a standard coffee made with boiling water and splash of milk, care needs to be taken if you are out and about. Sadly may coffee shops have loads of added extras that aren’t always made clear on the menu. Whipped cream, sugar and chocolate additions all rack up the risk. It is probably safest to opt for tea when you are out unless you can be sure of what you are drinking.

Fruit Juices

Fruit is healthy right? Well not for diabetics when in juice form. The sugar content of many fruit juice is pretty scary stuff. While it does mean you need to become a label reading bore, it is better than damaging your health or ending up in hospital. Water is a safer option here.

Take Out Fries

It doesn’t really matter which food chain you were hoping to head for; fries are pretty much as bad wherever you go if you have diabetes. They tend to be high on the sat fat and salt side and really not good for keeping blood sugar level.

Take Out Chicken

While we are on the subject – deep fried chicken is also off limits. Chicken is an excellent lean meat until you stick it in batter and dump it in the fryer. Again this is going to be coating the whole surface area in fat and the time in the oil really just means it is soaking it up like a sponge. Tasty it might be, off limits it should be.


Not really a big shocker with this one. Cookies have way to much sugar to be safe for a diabetic patient. The fat levels can also be on the high side if they are made with butter and even worse corn syrup which is a pretty grim ingredient for anyone watching their health. Again the amount of trans fats and sat fats makes them a real no-no.

These are just a few of the foods that should be left on the shelf if you have diabetes. Sugar and fat are the two things you need to watch the most, even those sugars that occur naturally. Eating foods in their most natural state is good advice, so if you want a potato, make sure it is baked in the oven, most veggies lightly steamed are safe, but always check before you tuck into a meal to avoid any problems.


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