My Favourite Vegetables For My Diet


As someone with diabetes, we can imagine that it is often difficult to find ways to eat healthily without further aggravating your condition. Diabetes can take its toll on many people, and it’s usually the case that you find yourself unable to eat certain foods because of it.

However, vegetables are a core component of , and so you need to know which ones can be eaten and which can not. To try and help with this, we’re going to be taking a look at some of our favourite vegetables, i try to have extra vegetables on my exercise rest days instead of typical carbs, below are my personal favourites.

Red or Green Vegetables

What you must consider is that a person with diabetes can not consume popular vegetables in large amounts because they do have concentrated amounts of sugar. However, Red and green vegetables which are very leafy in composition, for example, lettuce or cabbage, are considered to be excellent choices for the person with diabetes.

Due to the low content of sugars in these kinds of vegetables, it is safe for a diabetic to consume them in normal quantities. They can be used as replacements for root vegetables which do have high levels of natural sugar in them, so they’re well worth looking into.

Vegetables Rich In Magnesium

Magnesium-rich vegetables are considered to be one of the better friends of those who have diabetes, and there’s an excellent reason why. Magnesium is considered to be one of the preventatives of type 2 diabetes, and also serves as a tool in reducing the sensitivity of the body’s insulin. In short, these kinds of veg, which include spinach, broccoli and chard, will help you to be able to build up a decreased sensitivity and are also pretty tasty to boot.

Nearly All Other Veg

While there’s no particular vegetable which immediately springs to mind, it is worth noting that nearly all veg is considered to be a healthy and safe option for people with diabetes. Most vegetables contain a naturally low amount of sugar, which means that they are going to be helpful for you when you’re looking for veg that is going to be okay for you. Root veg is the ones which need to be avoided, so things like carrots and potatoes. They contain a high percentage of sugar for a vegetable, and thus to much is probably not a wise idea. You should also be aware that how you cook a vegetable will have an impact on how much sugar it contains, so it is worth researching the different methods.

Overall, these are some of our favourite vegetables for people who struggle with diabetes on a daily basis and are great to incorparate into your diet if you are wanting to get in shape. These are all veg or types of veg which are safe for diabetics to eat. While there are vegetables which are naturally high in sugar, they make up a small minority and can easily be avoided. It is just a matter of making sure that you pick the right vegetables for your needs, and learning how to cook them in such a way that they will be safe.


Always seek advice from a qualified doctor and nutritionist regarding your diet and the foods you eat especially if you are diabetic. This Article is opinion only and we are not qualified doctors or nutritionists.


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