Does Exercise Help Diabetes


There are two types of diabetes, and this often causes confusion as to whether a person should exercise or not. Having diabetes can be life changing but does not need to be life-limiting if handled correctly. Some people are born with a form of diabetes, and in others, it can occur at any time. However, it can be triggered by being very overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle. In that case, most people are aware that losing weight and exercising can improve the condition, but what about if you are born with diabetes, or it has occurred for other reasons does exercise actually help. Exercise does help all types of diabetes, so let’s find out more.

You Don’t Have to Become an Endurance Athlete

Personal Trainer London team Right Path Fitness say exercise is not just about running on a treadmill until you feel sick. Moderation is the key to exercise when you have any medical condition, so diabetes is no different. What is most important is that you are using your body and trying to maintain health. If exercise is going to be a new part of your life then you should see your doctor first and make them aware of your plans. They will be able to offer guidance on what would work best for your individual circumstances.

Take Care

You should not exercise when you feel unwell or if you have tested positive for ketones in your urine. It is also not advised that you exercise when you are hungry and eating carbohydrates before your exercise could be a good idea. Check your glucose level before you start and if this is a new routine during the working out so you can see how your body responds. Finally, check them after the work out has finished and adjust your food intake accordingly. Make sure you stay well hydrated and if your glucose levels suggest, have a drink with sweeteners if needed.

What Are the Benefits?

Whether you have diabetes or not, there is no denying exercise is good for you when done correctly. It helps with keeping your weight at a healthy level and can bring blood pressure down. Exercise lowers the risk of heart disease and releases feel-good hormones that can help you feel less stressed. For those who have diabetes it can also get the insulin working better and this, in turn, will help you manage the condition.

What Exercise is Best?

It really does not matter what exercise you do as long as you are not pushing yourself excessively. Swimming is an excellent gentle exercise as the body is supported by the water, and many pools offer water aerobics classes. Walking the dog or taking a bike ride can also be great ways to reintroduce the body to exercise. Many daily activities also count as exercise which may surprise you but think about gardening or dancing; they are great forms of exercise that will not overstress the body but will help in getting your fitness levels up.

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